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Riya Dighe

Right from school days I was fortunate enough to have excellent teachers around and this continued even in my 11th been better if it wasn’t Coherence Academy and moreover Vivek Dada himself. The transition from 10th to 12th is a huge one, there’s not just one factor to work on to score well in your 12th a package of small and big day to day activities which prepare you for the eventual exam and this was very well planned by Dada right from the first day of 11th beginning of 11th two years. 11th std. proved an important milestone for me as Dada taught each n every concept in detail which was needed obviously in 12th concentrate on 11th started our 12th the regular tests of every chapter, to the point evaluation, Dada’s personal attention to my weak sides, necessary homework, writing down of imp notes again and again subsided my fear. Also his valuable tips on how to study and divide time for each subject helped me in managing time in the hectic schedule. And the course never went boring, Dada used to be his cheerful best everyday and we also had some breaks in between the course like the sports day and the picnic to Mahabaleshwar which rejuvenated us to begin studying afresh. And the most significant aspect of Coherence is its video lab which I think is unique in Pune. It helped me a lot when I thought of going back to a concept, I couldn’t recollect at times . Even JEE classes were being conducted parallely and after boards they began in full swing. In spite of it being the first mandatory year for JEE and having very little or no references of previous years Dada’s teaching was the best. My phone calls, messages regarding doubts were never left unattended, then whichever hour of the day it may be..

I entirely owe my board and JEE marks to Coherence without which I can’t imagine myself having done so well. Coherence is an exceptional institution and so is Dada’s teaching. I am fortunate enough to be associated with it. Dada always used to tell us to be ‘dhyeya vede’ i.e. passionate about your aim and so is he passionate about his teaching. I am blessed to have been guided by him and has led me to a bright future !!


Manasi Patil

Aishwarya Khaire

Joining Coherence Academy in std 11 was an obvious choice having heard so much about it through my seniors.Teaching in coherence Academy was excellent,accompanied by assignments and regular tests. Even the difficult Physics concepts were made easy with the help of animations.The focus during class tests was not only on writing the correct answers or solving the problems but also on 'how to write' and present the paper. Recorded video lectures are a novel feature of Coherence Academy. Apart from the teaching in class, the video lectures proved to be very useful, especially before exams for revision.The CET/JEE sessions were held alongside the board exam sessions and this helped in understanding the topics better. The MCQ sheets and tests helped me for CET as majority of the various types of questions were covered by them.Vivek sir had told us right in the beginning not to idle away in std 11 but consider it as an opportunity to perfect all the basics and prepare for std 12. As a result we had a strong foundation for the comparatively difficult concepts of std 12. However the atmosphere in class was never monotonous,on the contrary it was friendly. We even went for a trip to Mahabaleshwar and had our own Sport's Day! My experience h ere surpassed all my expectations. I'm sure Coherence Academy will help many more students achieve their goals!