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Aishwarya Khaire

149/200 in MH-CET
92.66 % in 12th PCM

Studying has never been my strong point and I had no hopes of finding 12th to be easy and within my comfort zone. When we started with our 11th std course at Coherence academy however I realised that with regular efforts 11th and 12th won’t be so bad after all. We all expect that after all the hard work put in during the 10th boards we do deserve a break. But at Coherence we were right on track since day one. With the homework and systematic teaching methods we never really got out of the study mood. The advantage was that we were focused on our goals right from the beginning and hence we all passed our 11th with flying colors.

When 12th began we were already 2 steps ahead of everybody else because of the terminal exams conducted in class apart from the regular tests. When the teaching in our respective colleges had just begun we were already done revising half of the portion!! But Coherence was not just about tests and studies. It’s probably the only class in Pune which would take its students on a picnic to Mahabaleshwar right in the middle of all the 12th madness to ease their stress!!The picnic as predicted was awesome and we all had a wonderful time.

Along with the 12th board course our CET practice sessions were also taking place every week. As a result, we didn't have a lot of pressure regarding CET once our boards were over because we had already covered half the CET syllabus in class. The Prelim exams conducted in class just before the 12th boards proved to be exceptionally helpful and are the prime reason behind my good score in the boards. Immediately after the board exams the CET course started in full swing. It was a rigorous schedule that we followed for a month and a half. All the lectures and tests were conducted in a systematic fashion and homework was allotted regularly. It is due to these planned efforts that everybody from our class scored extremely well in the CET.

Even after we were done with the CET, Pawgi sir made sure that we began our vacations on a happy note. He gave us a treat at Smokin Joes thus signaling the end of a tough yet enjoyable course. I wish to thank him for his guidance and support without which none of our endeavors would have succeeded. He was and still continues to be our mentor, giving advice and guiding us through our academic progress. I thank coherence academy for my success and hope that it will always continue helping others like me achieve their dreams!!!