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Dyanada Joshi

11th and 12th are undoubtedly, the most crucial years in the life of a student. Your career, your future entirely depends on the decisions you make during these two years. Like others, I was indeed apprehensive of 11th and 12th. It was after the 10th Board results that I came to know of Coherence Academy and enrolled here without a moment's delay!

Through systematic teaching, Coherence Academy prepared us really well for the examination. Vivek Sir helped us prepare for the 12th Boards as well as conceptually understand what we had been learning. Also, the best thing about Coherence Academy is the test series ! The number of tests conducted - right from the chapter wise tests at the beginning of the year to the full portion tests towards the end - helped me master the ENTIRE SYLLABUS ! Not just that, Vivek Sir always encouraged interactive learning. Through videos and animations as well as computer applications , Vivek Sir explained difficult concepts in such a way that they were soon at our fingertips !! It is probably the only class in Pune to facilitate its students with video-recording of lectures for further revision ! Moreover, this provision helped me catch up with a few lectures that I had missed during the course.

The Academy also makes it a point to reduce students' stress by conducting events like the Sports Week and a one-day trip !

The Sports Week not only busted physical exertion caused by our busy routines, but also helped us get to know each other better , through teamwork !

The trip to Mahabaleshwar was indeed a memorable one and totally refreshing ! It helped us come back on track with greater enthusiasm !!

My journey with Coherence Academy has definitely been an awesome one. The friendly atmosphere that was maintained here enhanced interaction between the students and the wonderful staff ! It was because of this friendly atmosphere that Vivek Sir became Vivek Dada for all of us !! The staff, their motivation and everything about the Academy will be thoroughly missed ! I owe my success to Coherence Academy ! I never imagined scoring above 90% in the HSC Examination, but it became possible only because of Coherence Academy !! A big Thank You to Vivek Dada for his invaluable guidance throughout the course and also to the staff for their immense cooperation !!