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Aditya More

Maths 150/150
Science 98/100

I have been learning in Coherence Academy for 5 years since 8th standard. It has been an academically enriched experience for me throughout these years. The staff is just awesome. All the academically brilliant people teaching their specialized subjects that too in one place! well, that's rare. The Academy has helped me a lot in my studies and has improved my understanding of science and mathematics to a great extent. The class atmosphere is perfectly optimized for us, neither too friendly nor too strict. The trip to Mahabaleshwar was fun and an unforgettable experience. I thank Coherence for "upgrading" me!

Namit Deshpande

171/200 in MH-CET
93.66 % in 12th PCM

The first thing that comes to my mind to say about coherence academy is that its fresh! its fresh in all aspects. Everyone at the coherence academy is really very helpful. All the teachers take special efforts to see that the students can rise at least 30% above their potential and score. The methods of teaching are different and better from all other classes. Moreover as the teachers are young, it helped in keeping a friendly atmosphere. This class has certainly benefited me. Lastly i would like to say that coherence academy would help everyone if they follow everything according to the teachers' methods.

Ruta Kulkarni

I was mentored by Vivek Sir for the NTS exam (and later interview) way back in the days when Coherence Academy did not yet exist, and when sir was still an engineering student at COEP. A couple of my friends and I heard about him through a fourth friend whose brother was Sir’s classmate. When I went to the first tutoring session, I was all prepared to chit-chat with someone who was nearly my own age and maybe get some work done in-between. But I was taken by surprise: Vivek was an incredibly sincere and dedicated teacher who expected the same level of dedication from us. He secured a classroom at his old school to ensure a serious, classroom environment for us and methodically coached us through the various topics that we'd be quizzed on in the NTS exam. I was delighted when I made it to the NTS interview-stage after clearing both the NTS qualifiers. I was in a sort of quandary about how to prepare myself for the interview, and was glad when sir offered to help. Not only did he help me (and my friends who had also made it through to the interview-stage) with the material that we'd be quizzed on during the interview, he went out of his way to arrange mock-interviews with this college professors. Not just that, he drove us to his college on the day of these mock interviews. All this paid off, and both my friends and I received NTS scholarships.