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Kanad Saha

5th Rank in 12th HSC
179/200 in MH-CET
93.66 % in 12th

I have been associated with Coherence Academy since the past 7 years, as a student first and then as a teacher. The holistic aim of helping students in applying their thought and creating an environment conducive to learning is what makes Coherence different from other coaching centres. Maintenance of discipline in class and providing personal attention to every student are integral aspects of the Coherence ideology. This has resulted in Coherence producing a number of successful students, including me, in competitive examinations at all levels. Constant evaluation of a student's progress has helped students improve significantly and perform better at the examinations. Regular conduct of tests at Coherence is another feature which I have found to be instrumental in helping students improve. Constant encouragement and inspiration provided by the faculty has helped students over the years develop self-confidence for doing better. Coherence Academy is certainly the key to academic success and a bright future!


Ameya Kataria

191/200in MH-CET
89 % in 12th PCM

I am really happy that I am an ex-student of Coherence Academy and got a chance to train under Pawgi Sir who is not only a merit holder but also a wonderful teacher. His teaching skills, important CET tips, continuous evaluation and motivation for solving MCQs helped me to manage 11th and 12th - the most tough and important years of my life. Use of proper technology helped us understand difficult concepts in physics better. I consider myself lucky that I was provided with a large quantity of quality material. Because of the newer methods to solve MCQs and shortcut formulae, time limit was no longer a problem for me rather it became my strong point! In the friendly atmosphere of the classroom Vivek Sir became Vivek Dada and Coherence Academy became my second home. Working hard on the path shown by the Coherence Academy is the secret of my success!